Petition · Mr. Joseph Milton: Please, help stop eviction action of a disabled person living in an inhabitable apartment ·


Dear readers I encourage you to read on this petition I launched in change. Org to avoid eviction legal process of a severe disabled person who has been forced to live in inhumane conditions on account of a bed bug infestation.
I also desire to garner awareness about the cross contamination  of bed bugs in our communities when a landlord fails to fulfill his responsibilities towards his tenants.

Please , read on , sign in and share with all your followers and readers

Thank you


Hearing Loss – Tips to Communicate With Your Family and Friends – AARP


Number 9 is  painfully accurate.
These tips should be applied during the holidays and every single day.

Copy them and post them on your fridge’s door.
Share with all of your relatives and friends!

Hearing Aid? No, Soundhawk Is an Ear Wearable – WSJ


Like the idea of a microphone in your date’s or companion’ chest in a crowded restaurant to enjoy a one on one conversation?

Not afraid to try new gadgets that can transform an isolated outing into a pleasurable experience in spite of your hearing loss?

Check  the Soundhawk and find out if technology has come to your rescue!
Feel free to leave a comment if you try it out for the benefit of the hearing impaired community.

Original Ampli Ear Hearing Amplifier


Do you lose your pricey hearing aid on a constant basis?

Do you step into the shower just to realize that Oops, my hearing aid is getting wet Again.

Is your beloved hearing piece in the shop for repairs and you wonder how you are going to survive the upcoming week?

Here is an alternative/solution to the most common scenario among the hearing impaired community.
Go ahead, check it out, try it on.
You are nut only purchasing a hearing device but much needed piece of mind as well