12 Types of Assholes: How to Spot Them Before It’s Too Late



I would  normally not be so blunt as to use the a … word. Foul language does not agree with my personality and since I follow the rule BE YOURSELF most of the time,  I do not resort to these expletives.

Having made this disclosure, Kudos to the article’s author.
Well said and very clear message.
This blog is intended primarily for a slew of chronic illnesses and the best tips to face our challenges and overcome them.

Depression is readily exacerbated by relationships failures. 
To all the gals who read this blog consistently, pay heed to each of the points mentioned in the Bolde.

If you are struggling in your relationship and you are left more depressed and unsatisfied by it than feeling complete and in harmony, take action. Cut the guy lose or talk your differences with a trained relationship counselor. That includes therapists, clergymen, life coach and friends who hold your best interest at heart and can be unbiased and objective.

Some points are deal beakers though.  Substance abuse is always a pass me by invitation.  Non – negotiable.

Life is short. Cliche or not that is reality. You are dealing with one or multiple health issues that are always agravated by stress.
Put yourself first when it comes to relationships. If you do not get what you desire, do not put up with it. You are moving forward to a more balanced, healthier, fulfilling life. Additional  drama has no space in your recovery plan.