Petition · Mr. Joseph Milton: Please, help stop eviction action of a disabled person living in an inhabitable apartment ·


Dear readers I encourage you to read on this petition I launched in change. Org to avoid eviction legal process of a severe disabled person who has been forced to live in inhumane conditions on account of a bed bug infestation.
I also desire to garner awareness about the cross contamination  of bed bugs in our communities when a landlord fails to fulfill his responsibilities towards his tenants.

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Thank you


42 Pieces Of Life Advice That’s Never Too Late For Anyone To Know | GoWeLoveIt


My favorite ones?
Number 4,6,10,12, 14, 20, 22

Which sage advice from this list do you need to ponder on?
Which ones do you need to apply to your own life?

Which ones are already an intrinsically part of your own self?

A  personal secret to be shared with only you
Ward off against fear is my favorite of them all!  Fear paralyzes you, discourage you, prevent you from enjoy the beauty of life.
Above all, it robs you of HOPE
And my second one

Appreciate a healthy body. Add regular exercise to your routine.
And number three?

Travel of course!

The Extra Burdens Faced by Young People with Chronic Illness | Psychology Today


Every chronically ill person has his own journey to travel.
This article highlights some of the most pressing  struggles that chronically ill young people struggle with every day.
Number 7  impacts them forcefully. There is not a simple answer to this delicate issue.
A solid financial plan and support from able parents or other relatives are definitively an invaluable tool to contribute to the peace of mind of young patients.

I must also add that a young person afflicted by a chronic illness most likely have nut has the opportunity to earn the required amount of credit work hours to qualify for Disability Benefits from the Social Security system.
Do not ever assume that a young ill person will do fine because the “government will take care of his needs”  through  a disabled status.

Why Fat-Shaming By Doctors Really, Really Matters – xoJane


Misjudgment, assuming and placing blame on patients influence negatively a doctor’s assessment of vital information about a patient’s real health issue

How about those patients afflicted by back painful and immobilizing conditions, or those with painful arthritis, or any other illness that limit mobility considerably?

To attribute all illnesses to being overweight it may place a patient’s life at further risk by overlooking serious conditions. Not to mention that it makes you wonder
What about if you were in my place doc, if YOU were the one afflicted by my illnesses, how would you like to be treated, with respect, with compassion, with the same level of care as thinner patients …like a human being?

Don’t worry. I already know the answer.