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GUEST BLOGGER: Wilmington’s Arianna Faro Discusses Living With Rare Disease


Although my blog does not especifically covers KTS ( KLIPPEL TRENAUNAY SYNDROME )
I have decided to incorporate Adriana Faro’s article about her inspirational and heartbreaking journey with one of the most rare and cruel illness known to man, KTS.

Ari, as we fondly call her, is one of the bravest, resilient, heroic, caring, loving, compassionate, smart, beautiful Inside and out young lady you could ever meet in your life.

At the tender age of 24, Arianna has endured over 100 plus surgeries. Yes, you read correctly, that many. Way too many for a young soul to endure. For any living person to endure.

And while she has undergone the unthikable, her infectious smile, her coquettish gaze, and her Angelic personalty have always permeated her actions and words.

Ari has many dreams and aspirations in her Brilliant mind and her tender heart.
One of them, is to garner awareness about KTS, a condition I, also share.

Although KTS bears no correlation with Meniere’s Disease or Migrsines, it is undoubredly, intertwined with Depression and Anxiety as most chronic illnesses are.

This is yet, another reason, why I decided to reblog this article on my own blog.

For the benefit of my KTS group, and of you, my readers I leave you now in the company of Arianna Faro.
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Arianna Faro, A limp at a time blog

She is the epitome of resilience and heroism.

Wilmington Apple

WILMINGTON, MA — Below is a guest blog post from Wilmington’s Arianna Faro in recognition of Rare Disease Day.

Hello there, everyone! My name is Arianna Faro, and I have been fortunate enough to call myself a resident of this exquisite town for just over 23 years. After having moved here on the cusp of turning 2, I have experienced an array of beautiful memories here with family and friends, and I know there are many more to come!

Despite all of the wonderful times, though, there has been a tremendous amount of hardship as well. That is because I was born with one of the rarest congenital disorders known to man, called Klippel Trenaunay Syndrome. Haven’t heard of it? You are hardly alone. The vast majority of doctors are not even aware of its existence, and the ones that are (even those who specialize it) are often at…

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Dang those legs!
Tina Turner celebrating her 76th birthday in a concert …
Lady looks splendid
Roll it on the river will always be a favorite … but what I truly Admire about her is the fact that she escaped a dangerously toxic relationship which undoubtedly saved her life

It took great courage and the help of family and a very special friend. 
Victims of abuse cannot escape without a solid Network of support

Her book I, Tina and the movie based on her life are great sources of inspiration for those women struggling to leave a violent, abusive partner.

Abuse comes in all forms; physical,  mentally, emotionally,  sexually and neglect. They all forms might intertwine and be present simultaneously. Victims are so confused, scared and brainwashed that they cannot distinguish the burry lines that separate them from a healthy romantic relationship.

I have mentioned this book as a reference before but here it goes again

The answer to the  main question on the mind of abuse victims …

Inside the mind of angry and controlling men

BY Lundy Bancroft

Share with all of your friends…
You never know which friend,  which woman and children might be spared from a lifetime of abuse or worse. ..

Abuse is in many instances, unrecognized until it is too late
In some cases,  the subject is taboo and families go to great extent to cover up their personal drama until one day it all explodes leaving irreparably damage.