How To Get Over Someone – Step Two: Put Things In Context


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It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but your break-up genuinely isn’t the biggest problem in the world.

Yes, it may be the biggest problem in your world.  And it might well be the most heart-wrenching, gutting experience you’ve had in months, or even years, but it’s important to put the issue into context.

The only way to get over a break-up is by removing the emotion, and starting to approach things clinically.

That will of course take time.

When you fancy someone, you’re excited.  They monopolise your thoughts.  When you’re in love, it’s even worse.  And when someone has been a part of your world for years – perhaps even living with you, sharing a surname, or sharing children … well that is a big part of your world which has shifted.

No one can switch emotions off overnight.

And so you will still have those excited, loving feelings towards…

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