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Meniere’s Disease Study




Do you suffer from hearing loss, vertigo,  nausea, or have you been diagnosed already with Meniere’s Disease? 

Most ENT’S in the US are conducting a research with a new Meniere’s drug,  OTO – 104. The investigational drug is a gel that promises to relief Meniere’s stmptoms.

Visit the website and see if you qualify for this study
Good luck !

How To Get Over Someone – Step Two: Put Things In Context


30 Dates Blog - A Dating Blog

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but your break-up genuinely isn’t the biggest problem in the world.

Yes, it may be the biggest problem in your world.  And it might well be the most heart-wrenching, gutting experience you’ve had in months, or even years, but it’s important to put the issue into context.

The only way to get over a break-up is by removing the emotion, and starting to approach things clinically.

That will of course take time.

When you fancy someone, you’re excited.  They monopolise your thoughts.  When you’re in love, it’s even worse.  And when someone has been a part of your world for years – perhaps even living with you, sharing a surname, or sharing children … well that is a big part of your world which has shifted.

No one can switch emotions off overnight.

And so you will still have those excited, loving feelings towards…

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How To Get Over Someone – Step One: DELETE


Being in the right healthY frame of mind is as equally important as to take care of your body,mind anD spirit.
Undoubtedly,finding the right person to share your whole life with is the most important relationship that you will ever haVe in your life.

I haVe had an epiphany about the topics I desire to include on this blog as part of a a more integral approach to the wellbeing of those afflicted by different chronic illnesses.

Ultimately, disabled people also fall in love, experience break ups, divorces and never give up in their hope for their perfect sooulmate.

The new topics I will incorporate in my blog will cover
Healthy nutrition
Alternative medicine, great emphasis on herbal remedies
Food for the soul
Romance, dating, finding true love and how to navigate the waters of a romantic relationship in spite of our disabilities.

All comments are welcomed and appreciated immensily.

To a great, happier and healthier 2016

30 Dates Blog - A Dating Blog

Following on from my admission that there can be a Crappy Side to Being Single, I’ve decided to share the steps I’ll be taking to get over Mr SC, in the hope that some of you out there might need to hear them too. 😦

This one is a given I’m afraid.  An old life lesson.  You’ve said all you can say, done all you can do.  If someone doesn’t want to be with you, then there is no point keeping him (or her) in your life.

It’s time to delete him.

It doesn’t have to be a permanent thing, but it is an important step if you’re going to get over someone.  No one becomes immediate friends with an ex (unless perhaps the reason you’re splitting up is because your relationship simply became a friendship).

One party will always be hurting more than the other party.

If you’re…

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