The 1 Piece of Advice You Need to Succeed in 2015 and Beyond


Without perseverance all our efforts are in vain.
In the face of great obstacles and challenges, do not quit!
Get yourself up, move on and forward.
Keep pushing, Keep pressing on.
Keep searching for answers, for new ways to circumvent an issue and obtain the results you need.

Research, inquiry, knock on several doors. Don’t allow that inner fire to extinguish.
Don’t let that prayer to vanish.

Perseverance, will eventually delivers its reward.

The Zeit

Raring to go It’s a new year, a new beginning and you are raring to go. Will you still be as enthusiastic in a few months? Do you know what it takes to get to the finish line? Image by stockimages

It is 2015 Now What?

You have been warming up and getting ready to get on the stage to perform. In your mind you have imagined over and over about how you are going to perform on stage. How you will entertain the audience and how you will make them laugh and intrigue them.

Imagine that all the preparation is over and now you are on stage. Now is the time that you need to perform. Now is the time that you need to stick to your guns and remove any self-doubt. Whatever you planned to do on stage do it without hesitation and don’t back down.

I am sure many of…

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