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Do you lose your pricey hearing aid on a constant basis?

Do you step into the shower just to realize that Oops, my hearing aid is getting wet Again.

Is your beloved hearing piece in the shop for repairs and you wonder how you are going to survive the upcoming week?

Here is an alternative/solution to the most common scenario among the hearing impaired community.
Go ahead, check it out, try it on.
You are nut only purchasing a hearing device but much needed piece of mind as well


It’s Not a Laughing Matter | Disability.Blog



No, being chronically disabled is not a laughing matter but laughter makes our conditions more bearable and infuses us with a renewed spirit to keep on facing our challenges and be determined to prevail.

I must add that having a strong support group is imperative also.
Sometimes, there is no family available, but there are friends. People who are also walking in our shoes and are determined to help others with similar disabilities.

In other instances, people from our places of worship are the ones that help us carry our burdens making our baggage much lighter and our minds filled with clarity to pursue a better quality of life, a better treatment, a better alternative.

All in all, we do need a vast repertoire of different sources to keep us strong and prevent us from giving up in our difficult path.

We need to be gluttonous and seize all different avenues to persevere and defy our obstacles.

Laughter, comedy, sharing a good time with family and friends is certainly one of those avenues we should pursue regularly.
After all, people have been reported of dying from “broken hearts”  and profound sadness but I don’t know of anybody who have died of laughter or sharing one with friends.

I do also believe strongly in the power of prayer and the importance of nurturing our spiritual beings in the sand way we need physicians to take care of our bodies

So, perhaps a good prayer should be something along the lines of

Dear God, I thank you for all of your blessings bestowed upon me. I truly appreciate all different types of help at my disposal to vote with my disabilities.

I have just one more request dear Lord. Keep away from me negative people, attitudes, and let it start with me. Search my soul and my mind and allow me to see beauty around me whether in that needle that delivers my analgesic medication or in that child that whispers next to me
I love you mom

Keep me smiling, content and prompt to laughter once my pain has eased up a bit. You know, it’s kind of hard to smile when pain strikes every nerve in our bodies.

One more thing, since being Mr. Grumpy is not an attitude conducive to healing and restoration, make all doctors to exude happiness and contentment in abundance; grumpy doctors should be banned from practice until they have learned the value of a compassionate smile on their faces