With Her Last Breath, A Victim Of Domestic Abuse Saves Her Baby With One Final Act of Heroism



Another murder, another senseless statistic of Domestic Violence.

May God heal the surviving baby and may she grow up surrounded by the love of her maternal grandparents
May she always  honor and remember  her heroic mother

I am truly incensed by these news. Therefore, I have decided to share several key articles to raise awareness about domestic violence.

Prevention and Education are essential to stop these sordid statistics that affects families and communities at large

In order to help our daughters, sisters, friends, and co- workers we need to educate ourselves on the subject first.

Domestic violence does not discriminate against race, age or socio-economic status. It is well documented in all of our communities. Any woman can become a victim and I refer to women specifically because 75% of Domestic violence victims are women

I am truly impacted by this news. It is a senseless tragedy that could have been prevented if this young mother would have had received adequate help

There would follow several blogs after this one to provide pertinent information that could help save many lives.
Let us all remember that abuse might take several forms, sometimes it might be physical or emotional or sexually but they are all intrinsically related. They can all be present in a relationship.
Abuse is all about control over the victim and lack of self- control by the perpetrator.
Unless a batterer receives personally, targeted therapy to force him to change the way he perceives and relates to women, there would not be a change in behavior and the abuse would escalate in a spiral that can utterly destroy families forever.


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