Take Steps to Protect Yourself from Relationship Violence



This is a government page that  offers and covers most essential and practical information to prevent, stop, and escape from the grips of Domestic Violence.

The most  abused/ battered targeted group statistically is comprised of women in their early twenties but there is no age limit when it comes to an abusive relationship.

In order to escape from an abusive relationship, women need a strong support group of family, friends and  government and private agencies.
In the most vicious cases, victims might need to change their identity completely because the abuse has become an obsession and there is no other way to avoid a tragedy.

Education is key to prevent, protect and escape from an abusive relationship.
Women in abusive relationships need to be extremely careful to plan their exit.
An abusive man is a controlling man who will go to extreme lengths to monitor and check your computer and telephone use.

Learn how to reach out for help in a safe manner!
Don’t use your own cell or computer to reach out your contacts working with you to extricate you from your dangerous relationship.

Read carefully each section on this page.
More information to follow. Don’t miss the blog on the new APP for domestic violence victims


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