But You LOOK Good – Invisible Disabilities Association – IDA



How many times have you heard this phrase while feeling so sick that you wish others could be in your shoes for at least one day?

How long have you deep in your heart have desired that your husband could grasp the invisible misery that racks your body and leave you exhausted, in pain, frustrated and on edge?

No, the people in your life might never feel the struggle inside your body and mind but this book is a very good start to open up the line of communication and speak openly about Why you do indeed look fine but unable to keep on with everybody’s else pace.

It is time to put guilt and Shame where they belong, on the back burner and start enjoying the life is for you to claim on your own terms and conditions



Beautiful Poem, Wise Words



Neglect and love

can never be friends

for where one does start

the other must end

In love you must choose

between these two

for only to one

can you ever be true

so choose wisely this day

which one to befriend

for one brings happiness

the other one ends

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