Why Solitude?

Our words can build us in faith or destroy us in negativity.

The power of life and death are in the tongue and each who indulge in it shall eat the fruit of it (for life or death)
Proverbs 18:21

Words can carry our faith to the kingdom of God  and released angels to help us or carry our faith to the kingdom of darkness

When we speak the right words we
Can build
Can heal
Minister life
Offer hope

But with the same tongue we can speak words of

The tongue is a little member that we can’t tame but with the help of God and we do really need to be accountable for the words that come out of our minds and hearts.
We owe it to ourselves and to our brethren.

We speak too much of our troubles and not enough of the blessings Good has bestowed upon us.

We might have a good faith but we don’t release it enough.
When David, a young, inexperienced shepperd faced Goliath, he didn’t focus his attention on Goliath the giant, or on his armor or all the men who had been crushed at his hands
David spoke words of blessings over him.
He focused one hundred percent on the Lord and His mightiest awesome power. And we all know the how the story ended.
Brutal defeat to the giant
Glorious victory to The one who kept telling himself
“I have slain a lion and I have slain a bear. Goliath is covered in heavy metal but I am covered under the shadow of the Mighty One ”

Every time we speak words like
This is too much for me
I can’t go on anymore
Disease is overpowering me
I will never prevail
I am doomed
We are just making ourselves very weak and an easier target for the enemy who doesn’t want anything better than to see us crushed.

We need to counteract by remembering all the good things God has done in our past.
We need to help ourselves with our words.
We need to remember that we have felt this way in the past but we overcame our trials and prevailed.

We dont need to drone on our yucky stuff all the time
What good does it do to say
I am a person of faith and keep training about our trials?

Negative talk gets in so much trouble.
God gives us Grace in the midst of our afflictions
Nevertheless, negative people fail to acknowledge their blessings.
Don’t look at the giants
Concentrate on God’s presence

We need to release our faith through
Words of faith
Prayers of faith
Actions of faith

We, especially women, have to be careful with our words
We should not speak about por trials without a purpose.
I know by experience that this might be quite a feat when we are facing great obstacles in our path
But Greater is He who reigns over the world than any creature, spiritual or terrestrial, than any natural disaster, than any dreary circumstance we might encounter in our path

God has, is and always be IN CONTROL
and we need to keep that truth embraced in our memory, or hearts and our words

When we are tempted He will carry us through it if we trust him.
We need to Wise up and speak words of wisdom
” I know I am down at this moment. My feelings are drowning me in sorrow but I know that God is in control . He has carried me through in His arms before and He will do it again”

Many have told me well, it doesn’t work for me, I am too much of a mess.
Hey, there is no “mess”  unknown to God. If you are honest about your mistakes, God will see you through it with undeniable forgiveness, although in some circumstances He might take his sweet time so we won’t ever forget the lesson.
The only mess God doesn’t forgive is when we fail to acknowledge that we are humans, frail and need His assistance to keep us on the right path at all times cause we all know that we can’t do it alone.

And although there are consenquences to each of our actions nobody can rob us from the freedom and peace we enjoy when we allow God to be the pilot of our lives.

Let us please to be mindful of our WORDS
We should not overburden or friends by venting out to them all the time.
At one point we should follow Jesus example in Gethsemane when in the most agonizing hour of his life he retreated in solitude to pray.
When He was in this mental battle he decided to keep his mouth shut.
He wouldn’t give the devil the satisfaction of defeat. 
John 14 30. To the disciples…
The hour has come… you will not hear me speak much from now on…
In our afflictions let us retreat in prayer and ask God
You know how difficult this is
You know I can’t do it without you

And when the trial has passed let us give due testimony

Yes, I was in a bad place. It was crushing me. I have fallen in a very dark place but I prayed, my believers friends prayed, and angels were sent to help me and I am here to affirm that God is still in his throne, he hasn’t forsaken me and he would neither forsake YOU.
Not everybody is at a point to understand us though so we must sensitive to each person’s needs and in solitude intercede for their needs.
There are times when we pray in the company of our brothers in the faith and the power of intercession is unbelievable
Yet, there are other times when again we need to be sensitive to the secrets that might have been confided to us and we should not betray/ hurt the person who is looking up at us for answers.

Solitude is the safest path to honor the secrecy between that person and God.
We have no right to interfere.
We have to master our words.

When we find ourselves in some serious predicament let’s not forget that
God is in control
Prayer is our best weapon
Our words can bless and empower or curse and defeat
Shall strength abandon us
Retreat in solitude and beg for guidance
Shall we seek counsel let us find it in people who live a life in continuous communication with God and have surrender their lives to His Will, always striving to remain close to Him

May wisdom, courage, and faith be our companions through every day of our lives


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