14 Reasons You’re Tired All the Time | TIME



Great article.
Important reminders to keep us healthy and on the right track.

We tend to forget the most basic rules regarding our well-being.
This is a great list that we should check twice every so often


GRIEVING FOR SOMEONE WHO IS STILL ALIVE | reachingouttoahurtingworld



Grieving about someone who is still alive…

Chronically ill patients, especially young, in the prime of their lives need to grief …about their own lost abilities, hobbies, professional and recreational activities.
The scope of one’s losses to incapacitating health issues might be a vast one. Other times, the losses are most limited but whatever the scenario a lost ability, function, cognitive activity that is not the norm according to one’s age, needs to be grieved over, needs to be addressed, explored and finally accepted.

If we fail to acknowledge our legitimate sentiments and don’t reach out to seek healthy outlets for the sadness, frustration, inferiority feelings and even guilt in some instances; one cannot attain a deep, abiding peacefulness to move forward in life in spite of all obstacles and challenges. Nothing can weigh us down as strongly as an inner bitter, resentful, and ungrateful disposition.