Help for Abusive Relationships – What Professional Resources Can Help You Break the Cycle of Domestic Abuse?


Judges, family law attorneys, and therapists need to be aware of these facts if abuse victims are to be helped.
There is so much to be done yet.
Children are severely impacted by abuse and sadly, the cycle is being carrying on unto the next generations if it is not addressed properly.
Boys that grow up in an abusive environment tend to replicate the abuse in their own adult lives


Striking Challenges Faced By Disabled In Hospital Settings



International Year for Disabled Persons (IYDP)... International Year for Disabled Persons (IYDP) – 1981 (Photo credit: United Nations Photo)

First, I want to sincerely thank my readers who have sent warm wishes and support sorely needed through their comments and emails.  As I struggle with my current problem of osteomyelitis and upcoming surgery, I am painfully aware of my need for encouragement. This condition has triggered a flood of flashbacks, painful body memories, and a surge in migraine pain with visual aura. The strength I  receive from your kind words is helping me stay present, conscious, aware, and determined. While I wait for my surgery and work on maintaining my mental health recovery, I read quite a bit as I am unable to do much else now. In my browsing, I found this article written by another person with a disability that I found thought-provoking and evocative. I knew I had to share it with…

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10 (cheap and easy) ways to pamper yourself | The Art of Simple


Ten easy ways to de – stress and Pamper Yourself.
Make your own list and add other ways to help you relax and nurture your body and soul; just because…

Take time do things for Yourself.
You don’t have to be a busy mom. Everybody is entitled to care for her own well – being and that starts with You!